There are few limits to the finishes possible. I use water based finishes in an effort to produce a more eco friendly product and have virtually no solvent waste associated with the shop. From native to exotic hardwoods the natural color pallet is wide ranging.

  • Clear coating brings out the inherent beauty of these materials.
  • On natural wood I work with a variety of water based dyes and stains from both the U.S. and Europe that can create a wide spectrum of effects from enhanced wood tones to vibrant or subdued colors.
  • Waterborne opaque lacquers can be tinted to match virtually any house paint color. These can be used to tie a pedestal into existing decor.
  • Milk paint is a traditional early finish that allows lovely nuancing of color in the finish itself. Milk paint, when built up in layers of color, can reproduce finishes with the look of age and use.
      • Glaze over pigmented stain

        Pigmented stain can change the color of the wood entirely. Putting on glaze gives an antiqued look.

      • Dye stain on Maple

        Dye stains allow figured wood to really pop out.

      • Milk paint

        An heirloom finish, Milk paint has coarse pigments that work well with rustic surfaces.

      • Glaze on opaque lacquer

        Solid colors can be antiqued with glaze to simulate built up grime.