Design and construction information

MeadowWood pedestals and wall wedges are individually designed and built for each specific piece of sculpture or collectible object. Each furniture grade pedestal is constructed in consultation with the collector, designer and or architect to determine the forms, features, dimensions and custom finishes that are required for a specific display. Pedestals can be table top or floor installations. Wall wedges are displays that mount on vertical surfaces.

Include elliptical, circular and rectilinear as well as more complex shapes. I have substantial experience with the lofting of sailing yachts and can apply this to the development of complex compound curved objects.

All rectilinear pedestals are constructed using glued miter joints, to minimize visible seams. Materials vary depending on the project but include cabinet grade hardwood plywood, clear hardwood lumber and no formaldehyde added MDF. Cylindrical pedestals are laminated of hardwood veneers.

All pedestals are sized to support the the sculpture appropriately and place it in optimal viewing position.